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Nosferatu awakes one night in his lonely castle, to discover that a prized possession

is missing. Fruitlessly scouring his chamber, he realizes he must search the castle for his missing


The game is an exploration/puzzle game, in which you must solve puzzles in order to obtain keys

which can be used to further explore the castle.

The game seeks to challenge our perception of a character, even one that is well established.

Do their motivations or desires differ from what we expect from them? and should inoccuous

elements of their identity change our opinion of them?


W,A,S,D = Movement

Space = Interact with object (Inspect or use an inventory item if applicable)

To use an item in the inventory, press the number which sits beside the item

in the list you'd like to use.

I = Open inventory

Created by:

Tuuka (@mysterioustuuka): Design & graphics

Dave Van Bale (@daveloper): Code & design

Joonas Turner (@kissakolme): Sound design (Sound effects and voice acting)

Martin Kvale (@martinkvale): Sound design (Ambience and music)

Marek Jarocki (@mjarocki_art): Story & promotional artwork