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You get only one chance, one life, one destiny. A command driven sword fighting game, inspired by retro martial arts movies.


up,down,left & right directional keys


During defense mode, blank button commands will scroll from right to left. As the button command nears the action line on the left of the screen, a direction will be displayed on the button. command. As the button command reaches the action line, you must press the corresponding directional key; blocking an attack. One failure, and you are slain. Success, and you enter attack mode.

In Attack mode, you must memorize the attack combo you are presented with, and press the respective directional keys in the correct order, as the blank button commands reaches the action line. If you fail this task, you re-enter defense mode and continue. Suceed, and you leave your foe lying in a fountain of crimson.


Created in 72 hours for Ludum Dare 2013 by:

Graphics: Tuuka @mysterioustuuka

Coding: Dave van Bale @daveloper

Audio: Joonas Turner @kissakolme

If you want to get in touch with bug reports, feedback or hate mail. Send an email over to: mysterioustuukalives@gmail.com

NOTE: Game is subject to updates, provided subsequent to ludum dare. Bear with us!